DID KAREN KINGSTON SELL HER SOUL TO BE FAMOUS? None of her ramblings about patents revealed anything. Her mom died as she took to the stage to be a ” whistleblower .” She said she was destined to be famous. She brings up RFK JR calling him BOBBY and the CIA as if she is on the most wanted list at the post office!!!!!! I don’t think you are that important Karen. Mike Adams is part of the dog and pony show and together they had a Variety Show Special complete with Laughter and Drama! Meanwhile REAL TRAGEDY IS HAPPENING and all they can talk about is how the Government is after them!! Who gives a shit!!!!!!!!!! Crying Wolf turns people off!!! Get over it!!!!!!!! Sometimes Issues take center stage NOT YOU!!!!!!!! I don’t like being FOOLED for someone who runs around playing hide and seek. The Time Is Now News

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