COMMENTARY: THANKS TRUMP. Without your Unfailing DEVOTION and LOYALTY to the Foreign Israel, Millions of Americans today would still be ALIVE not Killed by the Jewish Fake Vaccine program. If Joey Biden is taken out of Office because he funneled money from America to Ukraine and back into his pocket, then You, Trump ,not only took Fake Vaccine money through Gavi but you coldbloodedly Killed innocent People. That is Murder upon Treason. Trump , you consorted with Foreign Countries to enable a Poison to be conjured up and pushed on Americans through a Fraudulent Reason, the Fake Covid Virus. This is SHEER EVIL and the repercussions for you are Not Pleasant. Israel has whispered sweet nothings about American’s Carnage into your ear as you giggled with delight, waving your hands around at rallies as if you were a Faggot Dancer. Biden taking money is like a Picnic in the Park compared to your ATROCIOUS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY! BLM, Poison Fake Vaccines, NO WALL, No Tax Breaks for workers, No Chem trail clean ups, 5G, and on and on and on. America is going after the wrong Villain. The Time Is Now News

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