BOTS! BOTS! BOTS! What is a BOT? It is an APPLICATION, AN APP if you will. If you need to get rid of BOTS you Delete the APP. If They cannot pinpoint the Bot Apps then how can they inject people with technology and Surveil people? Is BOTS a Catch all for things we don’t want to hear??? Is something LABELED a BOT such as ANTI SEMITIC BULLSHIT WORD WEAPONRY??? We have to get rid of the free speech is the same as we have to get rid of the BOTS, only they don’t want to say Free speech so they say Bots. BOTS is CODE for FREE SPEECH. It has been implanted in the vocabulary of people who” just accept Bot Censorship as if it was real.” It is a Sleight of hand move to fool the people. In real life they could target a BOT and block them, But instead they fail to tell you there are no BOTS, only people talking freely. They can track and trace these so called BOTS so they know they are BOTS not PEOPLE. But why get rid of something that can be used in the War against the First Amendment? The Time Is Now News

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