BIG NEWS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! The Good News is that SOMEBODY in DC still has a thinking brain. There will be no New Canal off the coast of Gaza if The Now UNITED Middle East is against it! Trump Is Lacking in the Foreign Affairs Department, and all leadership pertaining to US Policy. It is a GOOD thing that Biden, perhaps with advice from Obama is having a cooler head and able to see what is happening NOT from the vantage Point of Fucking Israel, But from a Real Vantage Point to properly Assess the situation. And so now The Biden administration is calling for Two States both equal and unoccupied as a long-term solution to this crisis. Free of occupation, free of blockades and no Palestinian land lost to Israel.  The Time Is Now News

This is his plan to a long-term peace and he states quite clearly the reason he backs this plan is because Big Business and Big Finance need to compete with Belt and Road initiative and to do that, we need cooperation from Middle Eastern nations, not hatred. Israel is fucking with their plans.

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