Before the psychopaths created the Federal Reserve and the IRS, before they, the jews, did any of that they were working towards a New World ORDER. At least a hundred years in earnest. Now I can Tell you it would NOT HAVE TAKEN ME THAT MUCH TIME TO DESIGN AND CARRY OUT ANY PLAN, LET ALONE A NEW WORLD ORDER! I COULD HAVE EASILY DEVELOPED A BLUEPRINT. I would have thought of EVERYTHING. I would have reached into the future and saw all the pitfalls. I would have foreseen all the angles needed to bring into alignment and incorporated them into a constructive part of my scheme. I would have used different people than Klaus or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg. But no matter because it is GOOD I never went that path. I can observe though and tell you WHY it will never work for them. They are Not Bright enough. They use Money as a Tool to get the job done but you need more than money. They cannot engineer a way to keep up with the ever moving forward, the progress of The People. The people must be resourceful and problem solvers. And now they have been pushed to the WELL of Energy and Knowledge that will mold the World into their Vision, their Idea of what they want the World to be. One cannot harness the Power of so many People. Their wills have been stirred up and are exploding a drive so strong it will never be stopped. If I were those whom have maimed and killed the innocent I would start BEGGING for mercy even if mercy is not possible. The Jews MUST use Deceitful Tactics because they are in essence lower IQ people. They must use Nepotism in order to get their kids in positions to lobby the policies they have come up with. They are Mongrels. Certainly nothing special, they can be slow. Easy to overtake when The World People realize what is going on. And that is a DEFINITE. The Time Is Now News

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