Because of Trump, America has NO DECENCY left in her society. When one steps on someones toe or bumps into someone they apologize. Trump and his Jews watch people agonize with side effects and death and never utter ONE WORD OF REGRET!!!!!!! THEY DON’T CARE!!!!!! TRUMP DOESN’T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! PALM BEACH IS FULL OF HOLLYWOOD RUN BY JEWS!!!! THEY HAVE PERSONALITIES LIKE WET DISHRAGS! BUT THEY THINK THEY ARE SO GREAT!!!!!!! THEY ARE DISGUSTING EXAMPLES OF HUMAN BEINGS!!!!!!!!! NO 5G IN PALM BEACH!!!!!!! NO NOT FOR THEIR FUCKING BIG ASSES!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! EVERY ASSET SHOULD BE GRABBED! ARREST THE KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!! GENOCIDE IS HAPPENING AS WE SPEAK!!!!!!

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