Trump should shut up. He is a Nobody. A past Fake President and casino guy. Lowlife shit. He will only make things WORSE. Why is he running around like he owns the place! FUCK YOU TRUMP!!!!!!!!!! Your like a Carny, in everybody’s Face!!! Come one, Come all To the trump circus!!!! Your Nothing Trump!!! When we DO take back our land, you will NOT be in the picture!!! Go live in Palestine. the jews will bomb you, they don’t like the Goyim, even YOU!!!!

I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!!! They are Censoring me really BAD!!! This is for all the Marbles!!!! There will be no Tomorrow for anyone should these people keep going. THIS is why all the news stories, so they can finalize their plans as we talk about Fake Shit! There is but ONE TRUTH going on right now. They are trying to control and Kill us! That is IT!!! They are a SMALL percent of people puppeteering others. When the others no longer get money and favors they will cease to do the Psychopaths bidding. But the Ringleaders are the ones!!!!!!! Musk is with the psychopaths. So isn’t Tucker. There is NO ONE to do what has to be done except for The People! The Media are all Traitors. Ireland is burning buildings that house them. It is NOT a time for talk or careful actions. Did they care when they poisoned Children with Fake Vaccines????? Poisoned the food, the air? Let in people to RUIN countries?? Mutilated kids????

IRELAND is realizing there is no Time left. Only one way will eliminate the problems they are encountering. The NWO wants Chaos BUT NOT AGAINST THEM!!! Actors are pretending they will take Geneva down. Is all a Farce. Do not believe any of them pretending they are dying from the shot and will arrest the NWO! They will NOT. ONLY THE PEOPLE CAN FIX THIS!!!!!! As Ireland is finding out, only THEY can work their way up to the Top of the Evil Pyramid. First Police and Fake Immigrants ,Than Military, then Government officials, than Geneva and ISRAEL!!! This is The Order. Nobody Cares about Videos of Governments sexually abusing Children. We already know. Only one Prority remains. The days of looking to EXPOSE the Corruption are OVER and DONE WITH! WE KNOW!!! Now we face the future being Slaves and losing our rights to our beloved earth. WE WILL NOT GO DOWN WITH THE SHIP!! FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!!! BE READY PEOPLE!!! THE ONLY THING LEFT TO DO IS FIGHT!!!!!!

BREAKING NEWS!!! America’s Military is in Iraq protecting an Oil Pipeline into ISRAEL!!!! This is done in SECRECY!!!!!!! IT’S ALL for ISRAEL!!!!!! America is Israel!!! All the fake leaders KNOW!!! Putin is NWO. He came out and said it. Americans are being made FOOLS OF!!!! Ukraine was about killing White People. Jews own Russia. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!

TRUMP is an Israeli Gatekeeper. He is bought and owned by the jews. Everything he does and Does nOT do is for the jews, at their request. Does Epstein have a file, video on Trump? There is more to it than getting saved from financial ruin. The Common Denominator in Epstein, Brofmans, Timothy Holmseth, Gislane Maxwell, Trumps escort service, Umpteen million lawsuits that Trump paid out hush money, Underaged girls, IS TRUMP. Lolita Express carried his ass to the island. The pedo Alan Dershstein his lawyer. Liz Crokin at maralargo keeping the fake narrative going that Trump somehow CARES about Piazza gate when nothing EVER comes of it!!!! Keep people wrapped up in fake Q Shit!!! The Fake Vaccines? All PLAYERS, Paid by the jews! All the crooked jews around him for years.. Casinos???? Beauty Pageants that he abused the women. Young girls accusing him of violent rape. Hanging out with Epstein, ALOT!!!! All Trump does is support Israel. WHY????? WHY????? WHY????? He acts like the fake ” anti semitism ” is the worst thing in the world when he is actually AFRAID that the truth is coming out and he is being EXPOSED! It is OBVIOUS!!! Me Thinks he Doth Protest TOO much. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

Trump stands with the jews. He doesn’t even Acknowledge the Palestine babies being blown up. He doesn’t care. He supported the jew Warp Speed. He is a Psychopath AND a Sociopath!!! Trump is Dangerous and should be put somewhere. America is in the toilet because of Trump. It’s all his fault. He would have put more fucking jews in the WH BUT he will never be elected!!! Thank God!!! The people are Waking up to the Uni Party!!!! Trump is One with Biden! They are two wings of the same bird. The People have ALL THE POWER!!! click on to see video…