Anybody who thinks that Trump is not part of the Political Game to keep people Miserable has their head up their ass! Trump’s alliance is with Jew money. Period. Whomever pays his bills and keeps him in Opulence, the jews, gets his loyalty. He Lies to The people on a regular basis. HE NEVER does what he SAYS he will do. ALL LIES! He is a Secret Society snake in the grass and his kids slither around him. All those whom pretend to be MAGA are paid and funded by the Trump -Jew Express, the train that never runs out of Shit to sell to the crowds. The Wall, HAHA, Child trafficking BOOMING on his watch, BLM, BAD ECONOMY, LOCKDOWNS, POISON VACCINES, FAKE COVID SCARE, DO YOU NEED MORE???????? The Child Trafficking was traced back to TRUMP TOWERS!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!! We get rid of Trump and the jews. That is what we do. And all his HENCHMAN!!!! We need REAL AMERICANS to take back America!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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