ANY United States POLICE FORCE are under the Laws set forth by the Constitution. If they do NOT uphold these Laws or the Bill of Rights they will be subject to TREASON. The Jews are NOT THE US GOVERNMENT. THEY CANNOT BE. THE JEWS hold dual Passports and are not Obliged to Protect the Constitution of the US. Therefore let it be known that Americans are looking closely at the Traitors that we know are lying about their loyalties. No one can be jailed for self expression if it is not harming anyone. Any Material that is given out falls under the Freedom of Speech and Movement Acts that are clearly laid out in the Bill of Rights. The Hillbilly Cops who think they can arrest Innocent people because the Jews tell them what to do will be SEVERELY PUNISHED. THE JEW has no Place in AMERICA!!! And they have NO SAY!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW! Get your shit together Americans, The War is on!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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