ANTI AMERICANS are targeting the GDL who are fighting for a FREE COUNTRY without the chains of the jews. We now know the jews did 9/11. The proof is overwhelming. We will not let this slide. The jews have caused us wars that we had no business in. Their mode of operation is to place blame on someone else and play the Victim Card. This time it was on the Arabs. Jewmerica went to the Middle East and caused Death and Destruction because the Jews wanted it. All Wars are Bankers Wars. ALL The Bankers are JEWS. They took down the Towers to kickoff the plan to Hijack America through the word TERRORIST! They weakened America through EVERY Institution by worming themselves into positions of power. They caused a Fake Pandemic and Poisoned innocent people with Fake Vaccines. They ruined the Education system. They opened the Borders. They have been running the Porn Industry. They pushed for child mutilation and drag Queens. They tore at the Moral Fabric of a Christian nation because they hate Christ. Our Presidents ARE NOT CHRISTIAN LEADERS. And now Americans face the Problematic REMOVAL of the jews. But it will be done. There are few of them and many of us. The clean up may not be pretty but Americans are READY!!!!!!!!! The Media cannot stop what is coming. The Government cannot stop what is coming. Nobody can. It has been set into motion by the actions of those who now face the Consequences of their planned agenda to Kill Americans and take her over. We shall have a New America. The Satanist mentality has reached its end. The Veil has been lifted. Fear not says the Lord God, for I am with you. The Time Is Now News

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