Israel’s Brutal Dictator is a rabid animal. It will be interesting to see how long him and his family will last. Those who support Israel will be deemed TERRORISTS!! DC is on its way out. The Evil Empire and its Sidekick are falling. They are slipping off the World Stage as Powerhouses. The higher you are the harder you fall. BYE BYE AMERICA AND ISRAEL. See Ya wouldn’t want to be ya!

The ENTIRE WORLD became Palestine when the Jews and their ENABLERS ( TRUMP) Created the Fake Covid and Fake Poison Vaccines to kill off Billions of people. This is why it is important to remember that the jew’s enemies are among us. Sure they are even Paid by the jews, But they will NEVER accept the jews and their behavior. The Illegal Immigrants are Not like the jews. They hate the jews. The jews have already LIED to them over and over again. You’ll have jobs and places to live!!! Your children will be safe making the journey as they were turned over to Traffickers. Money cannot change a person’s Culture or blind them from harsh Realities. The Real War is coming. Palestine WILL be Palestine again!!!! Palestine WILL be Palestine again!!!! Palestine WILL be Palestine again!!!! The Time Is Now News

I have a nagging feeling that the jews will not survive this. Too many people are against them. There will be one more War. It will be on the jews. There is no American Support for the jews. There is no Indifference for the jews. There is only a blind hate. This is where the Muslims, Arabs and the Christians all converge. Ironically the jews brought in the Muslims to countries that they live in. What could Possibly come of that? There is a form of Providence that is at play here. The open Borders have created a Merging of Jew Enemies. Someone ALLOWED the jews to lobby for open borders. This was not by chance. Somebody is conducting this Orchestra. They don’t own any Banks or Companies. They are not in Government. It is Mystical. The Time Is Now News

The jews will NOT be let off The Hook for these grave Crimes Against Humanity. Obviously there was more at stake than Human Suffering. The Board is covered in Moves and Countermoves. When the game is called and the Dust Settles there will be an Outcry for Vengeance against the jews. They have singlehandedly IMPOVERISHED THE WORLD AND CAUSED THE DEATHS OF COUNTLESS MEN AND WOMEN IN WARS THEY THEMSELVES ARE TOO COWARDLY TO FIGHT. THE JEWS ARE SNIVELING CRYBABIES WHO SAY POOR ME ALL THE TIME. WELL IT IS TIME TO GIVE THE JEWS SOMETHING TO CRY ABOUT!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!! This will not fade away nor will the Fake Covid and Fake Poison Vaccines!!!!!!!!!! The People are WATCHING those perched upon their thrones. ALL EYES ARE ON THEM. We expect an End to this Slaughtering NOW and Justice to be Inflicted! The Time Is Now News

I have to say that the Leaders of the Countries have been the Adults at the Table. I am very IMPRESSED with them all. A Special shout out to all the Prime Ministers and Presidents in The Middle East. And to China and Russia!!! They took a stand against Killing Palestinians and used their combined Strength to call for an Immediate Ceasefire. All this WITHOUT jumping into a War, jeopardizing more lives. We know that resources are a factor but we also now know that Everyone can gain ground when SMART PEOPLE are in charge!!! My Hat Is Off To The World Leaders!!!!!! The Time Is Now News