Kari Lake should shut her mouth. She is Ignorant on Foreign Affairs. If Obama is running the White House he is at least Knowledgable about the Middle East and other Countries. Right now America’s Selfish Reasons to be helping Israel at the expense of Killing INNOCENT PALESTINIANS is UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!! They will KILL anyone to get to a Drop of Fucking Oil which is under Gaza!!!!!!!!!! They want a new Waterway also to ship the stolen oil they are Salivating to get!!!!!!!!! We don’t need more greedy stupid people in DC!!!!!!!! If Obama can see this one out then more power to him!!!!!!!!! And I did not like him at all…. before this. The Time Is Now News

OKAY, so we know Marjorie Green takes A-LOT of Big Pharma money. She had DINNER with Alex Jones recently. Alex said him and his jew wife LOVED her. He called her a Sweetheart! Yeah Alex, A SWEETHEART FROM FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!! OWEN SRHRODER IS NOT IN JAIL YOU ASSHOLE!!!! STOP BEGGING PEOPLE TO TAKE YOUR POISON SUPPLEMENTS!!!!!!!!!! Alex Jones IS THE SWAMP!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!