WE Americans have come to the conclusion that CONGRESS is shirking their duties!!! END THE WAR CONGRESS!!! NOW!!!!!!!! DC is coming to an end as we speak. There seems to be no one in DC willing to make Coherent Decisions. Leave the premises CONGRESS!!!! NOW!!!!!!!! Now your staff is gone. DC just keeps on getting WEAKER AND WEAKER!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

In Times of Urgency and Turmoil, LAWS will not keep you alive. Government will NOT keep you alive. The United Nations will not keep you alive. Klaus will not keep you alive. They do not matter. They are of NO importance anymore. They have no say over The People. They are hell bent on being your enemies. Steer your own boat. Do not listen to those who DO NOT have your interests at heart. Pay Attention to everything. The People hold ALL the power. Money is useless when resources are slim. Find like minded people who know what to do should things go south. NEVER COMPLY!!!!!! You have FREE WILL and they must have your Permission to invade you or your space. In Self Defense, anything goes. FIGHT!!!! Evil can not sustain itself, it must feed off a host. Do not be that host. Stay in the light of God. Evil is being defeated and they are frantic. WE WIN! The Time Is Now News