There is a Genocide happening throughout the world. It is getting worse every day. Those in Government have been complicit in KILLING AND MAIMING PEOPLE!!!! Do elections even Matter at this point? Do you want the Killers back in OFFICE? ARE YOU NUTS???? Once the actors are gone we can elect our people. It is a Dog and Pony show in DC right now. They have NO CONTROL or POWER!!! WE HOLD ALL THE POWER!!! AND THEY KNOW IT!!! As the people keep dropping the Militias will take care of them. It’s coming.

The People are devising a Money System for the Global Morons. They will get a Tiny allowance because they are too retarded to handle their own money. FGEM will be its name. The FAKE GLOBAL ELITE MONEY! This should take the pressure off the idiots so they can do some basket weaving and go on chaperoned walks. Psychopaths will be hung after a time. Enjoy the fresh air will you still can Klaus and friends. The The Time Is Now News

How would a CBDC work for the illegal immigrants? What data do they have on them to make a judgement over their funds? Do they have a Credit history? Do they get points taken away for not wearing a hat as they border jump into the US? What about those out of work? There would be no up to date information to adjust their allowance? They could not do this type of system even if they tried, which they will not. It is FEAR they want to fill you with! Do they have a death wish? How will illegal immigrants even READ a card? People in Australians need to look around and see how people will be without cash. They had better demand cash Now!!! This is a No starter stupid system they are throwing out there to scare people. Will people get money on their CARD to go to college? Then will they have to repay it as a loan? How will that work? Electric companies may have people on monthly payment plans. How will THAT work? No more Companies? Will Amazon go out of business because their is no Discretionary Income to buy things? How will That work? Possession is 9/10 of the law. This is a Ridiculous Concept! Your all retarded fake elite lowlifes! FUCK YOU FAKE NWO ASSHOLES! The Time Is Now News – GEE I wonder how much Gavi, Pharma JEW money he got for the Fake Covid Vaccine Swindle!!!!!!! POS TRUMP made money off the maiming and killing of People WorldWide!!!!!!!!!!! MAGA IS EVIL!!!!! click on to see video…

They say that Palestinians are defacing Monuments in DC. The jews are Paying people to infiltrate the protests and throw paint etc…This is a Tactic of the Jews. The Same people, Soros and gang are paying these fake protesters like they paid BLM!!!!!!!!! They are the great DECEIVERS! We know what you are doing JEWIES!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News