Could flesh and blood Human beings Callously kill their own? We have Demons among us. This is the Devils last play. Through fake vaccines, movies, Television, cell phones, he has taken over people. NOT ALL THOUGH!!! With the use of Technology, he has hypnotized some people. He has got one leg in the Grave and the other on a Banana Peel. GOD is here. Hold Tight. Hang on to your HUMANITY. CARE about what is happening. PRAY. GOOD IS MORE POWERFUL THAN EVIL!!!! WE STAND TOGETHER. WE ARE GOD’S ARMY!!!! The Time Is Now News

These Swindlers are running scared now. Everybody knows they are nothing special. No Brains, no Abilities. Take away their suits and what do you have, Nothing. Zip, Zero. They are Psychopaths who Created their own Self Important identities. Like cheating on a resume. They Lie all the time. They didn’t go through Schools. They lie and watch YOU spend money and get Degrees so you can be slaves. THEY LIE! THEY LIE! THEY LIE! They will kill their own mother and not blink an eye. They will KILL YOU ALL!!!! They are Killing you Now. You allowed your children to be poked with poisons. Your Food has chemicals. You give them money that they Pocket. They send you to wars for no reasons only lies to be killed and maimed. So now they are coming to kill you up front, they are sick of you. What will you do?

There is no difference in Social Sites. they are all run by the SAME Conglomerate. It is the same group of People who run the Governments. JEWS. They put Jew People as Front men but it is Controlled Media like the MSM. There is no difference between CNN, NBC, etc. and You tube or Truth Social or Telegram or Rumble. Same People. Climate Change same people. Banking Cartel, same people. Military, same people. Fake Covid same people. Fake vaccines, same people. Open borders, BLM, same people. Child gender mutilation, same people. Homelessness, same people. Inflation, same people. So there is a group of people who run it all, paying off many actors to go out and pretend they are Climate people. border people, cities people, Medical people, Media sites people, social sites people, Child trafficking people, all the issues are of the same people though. These faces you see are Employees of the jews. Country presidents are actors. There are NO BLOODLINES. NO ELITES. They are all SWINDLERS. Lowlifes with no brains but like Carny’s at the Circus they can Fool people into parting with their money and morals. Rothschilds are trailer trash who made up their history. It’s all a Lie! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

I think it is safe to say that Israel, while killing all THEIR Arabs has pushed many into White Countries. They have accomplished this by Covert Government positions and Bribing the Governments of White Countries along with Blackmailing. The Jews have enacted a COUP upon White Countries in order to take them down, and Mix the races. As the people looked around Confused they failed to see what was really going on. It is up to THE PEOPLE to get rid of their Governments and takeover. That is the ONLY SOLUTION!! White Countries no Longer have Governments only Bad people pretending they are Governing. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!

WE are witnessing a Jew Mass Murder Genocide!!! People are dying of the Fake Vaccine engineered by the jews, carried out on the population by the jews and perpetuated by the jews. As we see in Israel, the jews have no feelings or regret over mass murdering innocent people. Their Blood runs cold. They are implementing murder from several angles. Open Borders, Child Mutilation, Lockdowns, Fake Vaccines and Controlling the Media so that you don’t see it coming straight for you. Look around at all the deaths and injuries. THANKS JEWS! THANKS TRUMP! THANKS money-grubbing medical fake COMMUNITY!!!!!!! You will all rot in hell But The People are coming for you first!!!!!!!!