It appears that Americans have been SET UP once again. While we focus on Fake elections and Trump’s fake Court hearings, the Master War Plan has been pushed forward. Lindsey Graham’s whining about going to War with Iran has paid off. They need more Money from the War Machine, the Contractors and Military Corporations. And so as it looks as if we are in the Sea to back up Israel, we are really there to SACRIFICE MORE American Soldiers to an Iranian War. We are WAR DOGS who must Pee IN Everybody’s Yard. God Forbid we don’t have Army Bases all over in every Country! How could we steal Oil and Oppress people, our Two Main Pastimes. Whatever would we do with ourselves if not for Blood Wars??? And how better to Cover for the Fake Covid Lockdowns and Fake Poison Vaccines that won’t GO AWAY!!!! Maybe DC thinks they are Invincible to Shame and Punishment. WELL, I don’t think they will skate this time. The People KNOW what they are doing and THEY DO NOT intend to go down with the Rotten US SHIP!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!!!!!!!! Americans are NOT their Government!!! The War is on NOT between left and right. Not between Liberals and Conservatives. Not between different Peoples. THE WAR is Between the Fake LYING TREASONOUS JEW GOVERNMENT AND THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!! ISRAEL was placed in the Middle East to be the CATALYST for Dissent and War Excuses. ISRAEL IS AMERICA!!!!!!! AMERICA IS ENGLAND!!!! ENGLAND IS THE WORLD COLONIZER!!!! They are all EXTENSIONS of each other. THERE IS NO SOVEREIGNTY! That is what the Open Borders will Reveal. There will be No Europe, No Americas and No Middle East!!!!! As long as the Media and DC are in Power, there is no Taking back of America BUT if the PEOPLE understand they will DIE for the ELITE to LIVE and not be held Accountable for their Crimes then SURELY they will Fight TOOTH AND NAIL! The Power of BILLIONS of People and an Army of Americans can squash any NWO, ANYTIME!!!! ANYPLACE!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW! The Time Is Now News