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It is a WALK IN THE PARK for the rat faced jews to get a loan for a boat or house or anything. They do NOT have to have Good Credit. If they are a jew, they get whatever they want with no interest!!! This is why many live low key, yet TRAVEL ALOT and buy expensive items. They hide their money and pass it down. College is a non issue. They have all the money in the world. The kids have no Debt. They Run the schools. Bad grades, NOT a problem for a jew! Wouldn’t it be nice to have such worries???? The Motherfuckers don’t deserve to live around people?????? Fuck the jews!!!!!!!!!

and pass it down

We can observe a pattern with the jew. They have NEVER made a business transaction that was aboveboard. AND they seem to regard non jews as insignificant in relation to themselves. These are the MAIN CHARACTERISTICS of the jews. They are Flaws that have a big impact on those around them. This is why they keep to their own Neighborhoods and interact only with each other. Their Social life is centered around their Synagogues and jew communities. They hold Secrets that they cannot share. They have the Goyim pay Interest BUT they do not charge interest to other jews. This is why they fake prosper. It has Nothing to do with being smart, just Crooked. So How do you like that World People? While you paid 3 or 4 times as much for your house with interest, THEY JEWS paid only the price of the house!!!!!! YOU GOT SCREWED!!!! Maybe they should be dragged into the streets!!!!!! Their cars had no interest on their payments or leases. They get credit cards with NO INTEREST!!!!! They own the Banks. They live well, you Don’t!!!!!!! They Fuck you over EVERY DAY!!!!! They only go to Jew Lawyers or Doctors. Their care is BETTER than yours! They put jews First and YOU GOYIMS are lowly PIGS!!!!!!!!! This is your Life with The jews around. This is why they were kicked out of every Country!!!!!!!! What will you do NOW THAT YOU KNOW THE TRUTH???? THIS IS WHY RUSSIANS are hunting them down RIGHT NOW!!! Jews HATE NON JEWS!!! So do you stand up and get them or Not???? They will kill you and your children with jew fake vaccines, non jew food and stressful overburdened money issues!!!!! WHAT WILL YOU DO??????????? The Time Is Now News

AS we are seeing in Israel, a desire to Kill all the non jews is not only referring to Palestinians. The Fake Elite, of Course, did NOT get the Fake Vaccine. They knew there was NO COVID! What you are seeing in Israel is how they plan to Extinguish the World People. Your Countries are going to shit. Fear in the news. All paid for by Jew Fake Elite. Palestine is The Whole World through jew eyes!!! They WILL kill you, ALL OF YOU! Your only hope is to go ON THE OFFENSE. THAT’S IT!!! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO!!!!!!!! NO Country or Government will come to your rescue. They are the ones causing you to suffer. DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU AGAIN!!! IT IS UP TO THE PEOPLE TO TAKE BACK THEIR DIGNITY AND LIVES, NO ONE ELSE!!! DO IT NOW!!!! DO IT NOW!!!! DO IT NOW!!!! The Time Is Now News

As far as the murder through fake covid and poison Fake Vaccines go, NO GOVERNMENT INQUIRY IS GOING TO CUT IT!!!!!!!! The WolF would be guarding the henhouse. Judgement HAS ALREADY BEEN PASSED DOWN. THE GOVERNMENT IS GUILTY OF CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!!! You know what the sentence is. People all over the World are getting Ready to grab the Killers. WE ARE The Government Now. We decide the fate of the Covid Killers. We Bring JUSTICE to Avenge the innocent!!!!!!!! Everything else is Irrelevant. This has only Picked up Steam!!!! Fuck the ELECTIONS and the FAKE MONEY SCENARIOS!!!!!!!!! IT’S all about the Fake Covid!!!!!!!!! Nothing else matters!!!!!!!

Dying Unexpectedly! This is one reason for the Fake Wars. They KNOW THE PEOPLE are on to them for Killing with the Fake Covid and Fake Vaccine. Trump and his Jared the jew Ventilators that Hospitals took money to put people on, to DIE!!!! Look in your Papers, and Funeral homes. They try to spread the deaths in different Venues But is is REALLY REALLY BAD! People are dropping like flies!!!!!!!!!! They Murdered Millions and now Billions. They CANNOT get away with this. Before the fake elections I predict they will be dragged into the streets by their hair! Every media and controlled jew taking money controlled opposition had better get out of the way until their time comes up, and it will. It’s not looking too good for the Covid Killers.

You know, it’s really nice to see your Country with TWO CHILD ABUSERS AND KILLERS running to be President. Biden and Trump are two wings of the same bird. They both LOVE to see babies and children BOMBED. They both have their dirty hands in Epstein child sex rings. They both WORSHIP MONEY and will sell out to China, or GAVI or anybody to make the Benjamins. They both give speeches that are GAG WORTHY. They are both old and running on something probably in the Drug family. They Both will give ALL American Tax Dollars to ISRAEL to slaughter more innocent people. And Congress gives standing Ovation for POS ISRAEL!!! America as we knew her is gone. We need NEW BLOOD! Not a Trump or a Biden but someone younger and truly for America not just giving lip service. Start Looking People!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News