No Country worth their Salt lets Invaders in!!!!!!!! It doesn’t Happen unless the GOVERNMENT is doing it!!! WE have a Government problem. OUR President is a TRAITOR!!!!!! So when we are asked to Wake Up, by someone we don’t know quoting someone we do know saying to WAKE UP what is really being asked of us? Could you be more SPECIFIC? What would you have Americans do? Would it be a TRAP to do anything asked by any Politician, or Military Member? Like on Jan. 6? I think that Americans will figure it out on their own. WE don’t need the help of Incompetent Anti- Americans thank you. Americans should start to weed out the SOURCES and when a BLM attack occurs again, it gets nipped in the bud by Americans. WE know we are on our own and we are too old for Babysitters so here’s what I have to say to the American Government, FUCK YOU!!!!! WE want a whole new Government, Top to Bottom!!!!!!!!!

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