I am making a plea to Our Military, Our Congress, Our FBI, Our CIA, Our NSA, anyone and everyone to stop the Jewish agenda to take America Down. BlackRock and the others have a plan to steal the Wealth of Americans as they default on their own Companies and work with The Who to lockdown innocent people…. AGAIN. As the economy spirals down from this, they will Rob The People of all their assets. ” You will have Nothing ” is their motto. Your Families, your children and grandchildren, parents, friends, coworkers will cease to live in any security. The World will be Bleak and Cold. You have it within your power to Confront these Criminals. You can Find the Blackmail videos, you can put these people away. BE THE HEROS! We need you. The American People walk the line, now it is your turn. A Revolution will surely come if precautions are not taken now. Urgency is required. The Time Is Now News

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