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Well Now I am going to explain about Russia. You see the whole Russia Collusion is all a fraud on both sides. We have been Working WITH RUSSIA. who works with Israel who works with China. So the US Government makes up all these ” enemies ” that don’t exist. They are all in bed with THE JEWS!!!!! They get banking Favors for going along with the jews and their rip off central Banks. The US runs around the World attacking Countries that don’t want the jews near them and their money. We are the Military Gatekeepers for the FUCKING JEWS! Our Presidents work for Not AMERICA, not England but THE JEWS!!! SO the Open Borders are to mix race Americans so they lose their edge. JEWS are behind every countries open border policy. This is why the jews try to hide in the shadows like the man behind the curtain, the Wizard. Russia is Jewish, China is Jewish. America is close to being Jewish. But it is all downhill from here for the jews. Every Country wants to separate from the Lowly Jews. The Dictators and Presidents get a pretty penny from Jews BUT The Jews ain’t getting any more money from America and if the Russian people and the Chinese understand why they are poor, they won’t be getting any of THEIR money either! It’s time the World people stand for their own Races and Cultures and keep their money for themselves!!! NO MORE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!

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