You know it is really Shameful that all the Children and Adults whom have suffered and died from the Fake Covid Vaccine will never get their day in the Sun. They are not allowed to go on Television or go to DC and speak to the cameras. Their VOICE has been squashed like a bug. Their lives do not Matter. It’s as if they don’t EXIST to the Psychopaths who pretend elections are deemed worthy of any attention. There is a word for this. Mental. Like Serial Killers they don’t FLINCH at seeing innocents Killed. Like retarded people they think if they don’t talk about it then it will go away!!! IT WILL NEVER GO AWAY!!!!!! SOMETIMES PEOPLE HAVE TO BE SHOWN TO UNDERSTAND THE SIGNIFICANCE OF A SITUATION. ONLY THEN WILL THEY HAVE THE WILL TO CHANGE. It will take THE WHITE PEOPLE to take care of the problematic ways of the Psychopaths. White people are smart. They are Much smarter than the Psychopaths. That is why they are feared. Their genes are STRONG and not weakened by inbreeding or Demented upbringings. Nothing has been able to damage them. BUT now KILLERS roam about with Needles and something needs to be done. AS Always the White people will figure it out. The Psychopaths will NEVER figure it out, they sit in the dark, not knowing what is out there.

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