They cannot even put all the Obituaries in one paper. They are scattered all over the place. Died Suddenly. A disease for 2 years. ITS BLATANT!!!!!!! They cannot hide this!!!!!!!! Ed Dowd who worked for BlackRock and is a good Statician knows the Insurance Stats. NOT GOOD!!! The Funeral homes and Morticians business is up!!!! The Insurance Companies cannot pay out. It is a BLEAK PiCTURE!!! They are using every trick in the book to Divert the people because All the Governments have been willingly KILLING Their PEOPLE!!! THEY ALL CONCEDED TO DO THIS DEPOPULATION AGENDA. THEY SIGNED ON TO POISON THEIR OWN CHILDREN IN THEIR COUNTIES. CHINESE, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, IRELAND, GERMANY, COUNTRIES IN AFRUCA, SOUTH AMERICA. IT WAS THE JEWS WHO ARE IN EVERY SINGLE JEW JAB POSITION!!!!!!!!!! THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!! They took the jew Money!!!!!!!! What should happen to them all????????

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