Every newscaster still pushing the Poison Fake Vaccines should be hunted down. Children ARE DYING!!!!!!!!!!! They are all Culpable. Trump cannot run for President. He kicked off the Genocide. They are all responsible for Billions of Injuries and Millions of Deaths thus far. Ice runs in their veins. They have no feelings. They are cold bloodied killers, Heartless. Q is a Killer who talks about everything but the jews and jew lovers and their Genocide. No amount of Diversions or Events will make this go away. You will all lose your money and assets if you even live to see it. Your Families are on the Chopping Block. If the World People have to lose something so do the Genociders. It’s getting worse day by day. People are dropping dead and have turbo diseases. No one will get off!!!!!!!!! Tucker can go on Twitter, it doesn’t matter. Trump and Joe can get in front of the mike, it doesn’t matter. The Fake Money can crash, it doesn’t matter. THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS IS HUMAN LIFE! YOU KILL, YOU DIE. PERIOD. YOU had chances to come clean but you have no morals. The screams of Innocent people will haunt your nights. The fire of the people’s WRATH will burn your souls and the revenge of those you hurt will make you witness the harm to those you care about. God has sent his army of people for TRUE RETRIBUTION.

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