Today we need to go back. I will explain this. We now know that the Majority of the Slave trade was Jewish. So it was the Jews who brought Blacks to our shores. They made them slaves. MOST Plantation owners were Blacks and Jews! Then they started a CIVIL WAR to FREE the Black Slaves AND TO STOP THE SOUTH FROM FIGHTING FOR SMALLER GOVERNMENT. THE SOUTH ARE HEROS!!!!!!! Rothschild FUNDED both sides of the Civil War. LET ME REPEAT THAT, ROTHSCHILD THE JEW FUNDED BOTH SIDES OF THE CIVIL WAR!!! As a Result of the War the Blacks that the jews brought over were free to roam about America. This led to Race Mixing. This led to Abortions that JEW Women promoted and made possible( Planned Parenthood). This led to Herding Blacks into slums and dumping drugs into their Neighborhoods. This led to CRIMES. This led to an EXPANSION of the Court System having MORE CONTROL. This led to taking children from their homes and Trafficking them through ” SOCIAL SERVICES.” This led to Affirmative Action to downgrade Whites and Give PITY Diplomas to Blacks. This led to Socialist Jew Politics that would fund BLM and DEFUND THE POLICE. This led to Open Borders to take away America’s Ability to even be A COUNTRY! HISTORY HAS BEEN REWRITTEN AND EDITED TO FIT THE JEW NARRATIVE. BUT FACTS ARE FACTS! And today we are near the end result of the Fucking Jews plan put into the works so long ago. The Jews want to be the only ones left standing. This is the MOMENT AMERICANS MUST RISE!!! Militias must ACT NOW!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW. The Time Is Now News

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