Hey, maybe Americans can RECUIT some of these Illegal immigrants. Make copies of Photos of all of Congress and those in the Government who want this invasion to happen. We could STEER these NEWCOMERS in the right direction. They could become very Useful. See the ones with the Nazi Symbols? We could explain that the people in the photos have been Killing their people for YEARS! Just sayin.

If other Countries care at all for their people, they will discourage them to come to America. Death awaits them. America’s Government kills people. They lie when they say they will have jobs. There are no jobs. There is no money or teachers to help them with English, there is no extra food. America’s Government has destroyed the Cities and Towns. The Jews run America in DC and State governments. And the Jews have made the call to bring in people, kill them and in the process destroy America’s Humanity. The Jews are Pigs who are not worthy to lick the boots of Real Americans. There is going to be a Fight and Americans will pick the time and place. Be READY.

MAYOR ADAMS SAYS NYC HAS RUN OUT OF HOTEL ROOMS FOR ASYLUM SEEKERS. You have to understand that all these Migrants will not all live through this migration. Many will be killed on the streets, many will starve. The children will be Trafficked BY THIS ADMINISTRATION because they are Child Molesters. This is why they want the children to come in. I do not know how they will rid the bodies but they have coffin liners ready for the Illegals that will perish. They are essentially overwhelming the system in order to Demoralize Americans and are willing to Kill all and any Illegal Immigrants to do it. The Jews care not about Human Beings. As long as they can get some Whites to cave into societal pressures they will use as many foreign people as they can. They have no Preparations in place for these people. They are Collateral Damage by inhuman jews. This is as sick as it gets. This is the Reality of what jews are WILLING to do to any NON Jew. Chew on that for awhile. The Time Is Now News click on to see video…

REPLACEMENT is happening in all WHITE COUNTRIES! The jews made the policies to bring in Illegal Immigrants and FAKE refugees to race mix and wipe out the White Race. They talk about it. They think White people are Dumb and will not fight back. The Jews are Not really that many. Billions of People could easily knock them on their Jew asses. The Niggers think they are all that but the jews are using them to fight White People. When their mission is done they will KILL the Niggers, probably through Poison Street Drugs and the rest through Nigger Fake Vaccines, ” Shootings”, etc. This is also part of the jew plan. The Niggers are REALLY dumb and the jews know it. White people, well the jury is still out on what will occur during this White Genocide. We will have to see. There are non MAGA people, MAGA people, Republicans and Democrats, religious, atheists, Black people, Asian people and White people and Latino people who don’t like the jews for what they are doing. Everyone knows it’s the jews that are the problem. Everybody knows.