Did Jared Kushner, Trump’s son in law who was working in the White House, not only run the ventilator enterprise that killed so many people during the Fake Covid but did he also make some sort of Track and Trace ingredient with his Silicon Valley buddies to put in the Fake Vaccines?????? Could this ingredient be killing people?????? Eli Lilly Pharma Company is a name also being thrown around that was hanging in the White House. How could people off the streets with NO medical background be concocting Fake Vaccine ingredients? Was it really their place??? So this was never about HEALTH, only a means to inject people with POISON??? WHAT THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO DO TO AMERICANS AND THE WORLD PEOPLE. BECAUSE there was FRAUD involved with the fake vaccines, the Pharma’s exemptions are NULL AND VOID. Did you know that? FRAUD. Everyone involved is being sued. The Media, Politicians, Governors, Doctors, everyone. Lawsuits are all over the place. Now it looks like Silicon Valley got their hands dirty with Jared. They will be sued. People all over the World are suing Biden and his administration for not giving the Religious Exemption, that is a LAW, for people to not take a Fake Vaccine, to gather, or wear a mask, go to work or church or anywhere. Nobody ever needed to do ANY OF THAT! The Media are Culpable for killing people because they pushed the killer jab 24/7 and it was not tested nor approved and there was no consent because the side effects were MISSING. It is now time to Sue the Media. ALL OF THEM. Class action suits are in the works and every single person involved will be sued. They will all be lucky if that is all that happens to them because the dam is ready to burst. An Eye For An Eye. The Jews should run. No one can escape billions of really pissed off people. They were warned.

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