AS much as we want to believe in the system and the hope that it can be salvaged, will a Politician take on the Jews? Has Q mentioned the Jews? How much Courage would it take? More than we have seen thus far. I have NEVER seen such a PUSSIFIED, Wimpy, Dickless Bunch of men in my LIFE!!! Is this what the Jews are not afraid of? The Jews import Savages to come into your countries and rape women? And what do the MEN DO??? Suck their fucking thumbs????????? One Word is the Key, JEWS!!!!!!! Get rid of the jews and the PROBLEMS are fucking OVER!!!!!!!! I don’t give a shit who does it or how they do it. And neither does anybody else. Once the Jews are gone there will be NO ONE to Thwart Justifiable Justice carried out on the Criminals. THINK!

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