WHAT WE ARE WITNESSING IN DC IS THE BIGGEST CIRCUS ACT EVER TO BE PERFORMED FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. THERE ARE NO INVESTIGATIONS. THESE PEOPLE WANTED A GOVERNMENT THAT THEY COULD BE THE FRONTMEN FOR AND GET PAID RICHLY. They sold out to the NWO and the Bankers. They threw Americans under the bus. The only problem is that Americans found it all out!!! They have stole our money and molested our children and WORSE! They Okayed a Grossly Fraudulent ELECTION that was at best Laughable but was an act of TREASON!!!! They continue to play their parts but the final act will be upon us soon and this is a TRAGEDY with a Death Ending. They will all be executed by the Military or/and the Militia as all Traitors are and have been through the ages. That is ONE THING America Does Right. Before these commies took hold in DC, Spies were killed. This is a Somber moment for Americans but our Constitution Dictates a Death Penalty for the Traitors. THE TIME IS NOW! The Time Is Now News

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