BREAKING NEWS! Reiner Fuellmich is the top lawyer in the world and has pulled together the greatest legal and scientific teams ever assembled. He tried to have a case heard in the international criminal court but there is corrupt control of access to that so they denied him, then Reiner presented the case online to the world so the information was at least public.  click on to see video…

But now he and his team of over 3000 of the worlds top lawyers, & 30,000 of the worlds top scientists, have found a legal jurisdiction that will hear and adjudge the case. He’s bringing it here to NZ. His legal team have studied the legal jurisdiction of the Government established by the NZ Declaration of Independence in 1835 and came to the same findings that the Crown & NZ Parliament agree on, 

That is that the only legal Gvt of NZ is the Federal Republic of the United States of New Zealand. This might be new information to some of you but it is legally correct. The Waitangi Tribunal reports of 2014 & 2022 make this very clear. 
That Gvt is of and for all races and includes every person that calls nz home. It is you!

There is then good news on two fronts here. 
1. The true Gvt of NZ is confirmed. 
2. A valid jurisdiction to hear the case against the crimes committed during and after the covid pandemic is found. 

And now the world will be watching NZ

Pray for Justice. 
Pray for truth to be made known 
Pray for the safety of all involved in this process. 
And pray for NZ, that it becomes what God always intended, Freedom’s ramparts on the sea, preaching love and truth to man!

God defend New Zealand!


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