HAS anyone really ever QUESTIONED WHY AMERICA IS IN UKRAINE??? Or for that matter WHY RUSSIA IS IN UKRAINE? WHY IS ISRAEL IN UKRAINE? WERE WE ALL BORED? Did it at ONE TIME have an agenda but now it doesn’t? Is it the obvious money Laundering Operation that Governments no longer care to hide? Is everyone moving around MONEY and drugs and children and guns and Adrenochrome while everyone else thinks there’s a WAR GOING ON!!!! You know, the PEOPLE can SEE YOU! You are not INVISIBLE. We can see you getting richer while we get poorer. WE can actually SEE YOU!!!!!!!! So we know what you look like. Doesn’t that even bother you Psychopaths? Or do you Hallucinate that you have endless ways to remain unseeable? You Don’t. You are as limited as we are. The only thing that separates us is a desire to get the job done efficiently and not be SLOPPY like you are. You make too many Mistakes and make ASSUMPTIONS that you ought not to make. That is a TRAP that dumb people make when they have low IQ’s. The people’s REALITY includes a world WITHOUT KILLER IMBECILES. There’s no place like reality. There’s no place like reality. There’s no place like reality. The Time Is Now News

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