Somebody explain to me how anyone could put enough Graphene Hydroxide THROUGH a NEEDLE to build a structure that could then become a computerized system? WHAT???? WHAT IS THAT???? Maybe the Lipids are poisonous and when targeted with fighter T cells, explode going to all the organs and the organs try to repel them as foreign substances but can’t. They in turn harm the cells, Creating ABNORMAL CELLS!!! Thus we have lipids clogging up the Blood, creating Cancerous cells, in every body system. What if poison was inside the lipids? Plus, how could the lipids itself not be poison? Monkey cancer cells, Formaldehyde, aborted baby cells, all these with the lipids exploding all over the body??? You don’t need a fucking computer to tell you this is the problem. Why would the psychopaths want to control people and also want to kill people? If you kill people you have no one to control. It is a PSYCHOP. They are throwing Spaghetti at the WALL and seeing which noodle sticks, and why. It is a HodgePodge of conflicting stories to explain a pot of anomalies thrown at THE PEOPLE!!!!!! Get rid of the Troublemaker Killers and things will start to make sense again. There should be ONE THOUGHT OF REASONING TO DESCRIBE what the Fake Vaccines do. There are not numerous willy nilly, all over the place guesses at what they do. There are measured steps from the injection which is done in a Particular Place on the upper arm, to how far the needle is to be inserted. The Lipids are meant to route to all places in the body. That is KEY. There lies the ill intention of this Fake Vaccine. If the body is invaded with Foreign Substances all over, the immune system will be overwhelmed and will not be able to fight them all. Easy Peasy. The Time Is Now News

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