We need MEN not Mice to lead America. AS GROWN MEN it should not be so hard to set up a network to repel a Blackmailing Banking mafia cartel. Jews are dirty Bullies. It is one thing to go head to head but quite another when you Risk YOUR OWN NATION to kiss ass to a stinky jewie. WEAR THE BEANIE! BE A WEENIE! What you do is deploy the SAME TACTICS they fucking deploy on YOU!!!!!!!!! Then you get the goods. Then you bribe their Mossad. Then you find out their weak links, family, etc. Then you tell them lies to pacify them. Then you compromise them and blackmail them. Then you introduce porno to their inner circle. Then you edge closer into their political friends. Then you Deceive and Steal Money from them and blame someone else. Then you deceptively take a hold of their assets. Then you arm Palestine. Then you arm all Countries outside of the axis of evil, Israel, China and Russia. Then you hire people to spy on them. Then you start kicking Jews out of your Country. Then you take their money and assets before you throw them out. Then you never give them a penny. Then you tell the world the TRUTH about the fake Holocaust and the Crooked money Theft and how they drink baby blood, they worship Satan. How they worship Porn. How they have lied and made Jews hold all media and fake pandemic positions!!! You tell them the TRUTH!!!!!!!! DO something that is DECENT and worthy of being called an American!!!!!!! Don’t just talk!!! BE what you need to be!!!!!!!!!!!! The American GOVERNMENT is Treasonous and has put the interest of ISRAEL above the interests of AMERICA!!!!! AND ISRAEL HAS strong-armed America and is using China and Russian enforcements to do it!!!!!!!! THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE HAD IT!!!!!!!!! The US GOVERNMENT is killing Americans with fake Jewish Pandemics and fake Jewish Poison Vaccines!!!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!!!!! NO MORE FUCKING JEWISH BANKERS!!!!!!! NO MORE!!!! NO MORE!!!! NO MORE!!!! The Time Is Now News

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