Before you start thinking things are getting a little too real around here just remember every ASPECT OF THE FAKE COVID AND FAKE POISON VACCINE IS JEWISH! EVERY DAY INNOCENT PEOPLE AND CHILDREN ARE DYING FROM THEIR GENOCIDE. THEIR TALMUD TELLS them to kill the Goyim. They are Weaned on this idea that they must takeover the world. This is not a fairytale we are living through, it is Murder of a MASSIVE SIZE all over the world and especially America, Australia, England, Canada, Italy and other WHITE COUNTRIES! Children have been targeted. Only the JEW children can be saved. They do not get the Fake Vaccines. The Media is owned and RUN by the Kikes so they will not say the truth. It is up to THE PEOPLE because the Courts are Corrupt. An EYE FOR AN EYE. They do NOT have permission to Kill THE PEOPLE!!! THEY CANNOT DO IT!!!! THEY CANNOT DO IT!!!! THEY CANNOT DO IT!!!!

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