There is a theory out there in the wild. Suppose Israel infiltrated DC in order to be privy to Classified Intelligence, patents and US Strategies. But what if it went further than Israel? We know Israel loves money and power. So what if Israel sold the Information they stole from America and gave it to Russia and China??? And now they are using our Military Weaponry AGAINST US as they work to bring America DOWN, TOGETHER! Because Americans hate their own Government they think Russia is Good and China only wants Taiwan. That would explain Putin wanting to kill Ukrainians to give Ukraine back to the Jews. That would explain the cozy little Money system and the silk road that they all share now. That would explain Putin being a global up and coming NWO minion of Klaus. They hastily took his picture off the Roster online after people began seeing it. That would explain the continued bombing of Syria so they could all share in the oil. I would hate to think our world leaders would band together to Harm Americans. But just Imagine if this was so. Is our Military Ready? Are Americans Ready? Is the World Ready? This would be a fight to the Fucking Finish!!!! The Time Is Now News

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