TO THE WORLD PEOPLE: It is interesting, to say the least, when we look at who has been entrapped inside the Fake Covid and the Fake Vaccine scam. It seems that many that pushed the scam are being greatly injured by it. Hollywood has pulled the wool over the eyes of its own. The Sport World. The Military. Healthcare Workers. The Genociders do not discriminate between the resisters and the compliant. The Compliant are playing Russian Roulette when they get the Killer Jab or wear a mask risking pneumonia. They do not get REWARDED for complying. Living is a reward, Health is a reward, Money is NOT a reward. The Military should Know better than to trust the Government. These are the same people who use them as Pincushions for all kinds of poisonous Fake Vaccines. They also send them into FAKE Banker’s wars to be killed. Hollywood people should be more savoy to the unscrupulous ways of the studios. Are people who rape and degrade people suddenly to be trusted with jabbing them with poison? Don’t Sport people value their life over those that use them for Profit? Can Healthcare Workers work their helpfulness OUTSIDE of a Corrupt Hospital System? Should the Satanic Media be shunned altogether in order to spread TRUTH to the communities? Awake Up Call is needed. No one has to participate in a rigged against them Matrix. Outside the Matrix lies a World of Freedom and Beauty. We can all get there but we must take that first step together. We say NO, we will not COMPLY with your Oppression. THE TIME IS NOW! The Time Is Now News

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