I have a Big Surprise for Americans!!! Guess what? America can drill her own OIL!!!! Yes, that’s right. AND she can back her dollar with her own Petro!!!! She doesn’t even have to back it with Gold! So why all the FEAR MONGERING???? IS IT A WAY TO GET RID OF THE DOLLAR??? Is Digital able to be held in a person’s hand? No it is not. So all the fear is about taking away The People’s MONEY!!! America is rich with Resources. She is self sustainable. The Psychopaths want Americans to think all kinds of false fairytales about Debt. They could cancel the debt just like ICELAND canceled their debt. OH NO THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!! Wake up!!!! Wake Up!!!! Wake UP!!!! Kick out the Jew Bankers!!! DRILL, DRILL, DRILL!!! The earth replenishes Oil and Water, did you know that? STOP the BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!! The American Government has ceased to exist since 1999. They need to shut the Fuck Up because they are without their titles of Congresspeople! WE THE PEOPLE are in CONTROL!!!!

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