Biden can stay in CANADA because America has NO PRESIDENT! We are having Tornados and chemical spills into bodies of water in America and there is not ONE Government Agency going to the scene!!! Not one! Why? Because we HAVE NO GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!! Congress is truly a dog and pony show, FOR REAL! They are NOT our elected officials because we have NO GOVERNMENT! We have no Treasury. No BUDGET. NO LAWS. NO Supreme Court. NO PENTAGON! FEMA was SUPPOSE to BE THE BRIDGE TO THE MILITARY TO ENACT THE CONTINUITY OF GOVERNMENT! BUT THE MILITARY HAS NO COMMANDER IN CHIEF!!! SO THE MILITARY IS TWIDDLING ITS FINGERS and the MEDIA is showing old footage of wars. It’s a SHIT SHOW!!!!!!!!! They are Desperately trying to Divert Americans from their US CORPORATION DOWNFALL. IF AMERICANS GO BACK TO BEFORE THE FEDERAL RESERVE TOOK OVER IN 1913, before the Corporation became America then all the FAKE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE and the BANKERS will LOSE EVERYTHING and AMERICANS WILL GAIN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!!!! RIGHT NOW WE HAVE THE POWER! YOU ARE ALL IN CHARGE! YOU CAN ARREST THE CRIMINALS AND DESIGNATE WHERE OUR ASSETS ARE TO BE ADDRESSED! YOU CAN GO TO THE BORDER! YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!!! YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!!! YOU ARE THE GOVERNMENT!!!!