The Jews have opened Germany’s border wide open. They are maimed and killed from the Jew Fake Vaccine. The Jews are mad that Germany wanted them out because of their dirty ways. They were using Usury Banking Tactics, bad Medical testing and PORN. Hitler said we need to come together as a Nation and protect our Countrymen. As the Jews were in Russia killing Russians some filtered back down to Germany to hide from getting caught by the Russian people. Germany took them in. The” Camps” had schools and swimming pools. So the Jews told the US and England to fight Germany and they were paid by the Jews. They were upset that Hitler did not want his Country to be like the US is NOW!!!!!!! And here we are. Sweden is the Rape capitol of the world by Open Jew Borders! The Jews HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!!!!!! The Jews hail from the Libya, African Regions. If you notice the curly dense hair and the complexions, dark eyes, dark hair, you will see it. They hate White people.

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