Everything the jews have done is on Video, it has all been documented. There are receipts of all the underhanded banking practices. The Deceit is laid out there for all to see. The names who head the Porn. The unsavory ways that shook the Health Industry and gave us the Fake Covid and Poison Fake Vaccines. The Lawyers who have been the Gatekeepers for all the Crooked jews. The Doctors who pushed the fake Vaccines for Viruses that don’t exist. The medical experiments. The Brainwashing from Hollywood and THE MEDIA! ALL JEWISH. The Infiltration into America’s Government and Political landscape. Making BAD POLICY for Americans. The SCHOOLS full of Jew Communist agendas. The Jew Feminists pushing abortion and divorce. ALL JEWS! The Corporations putting Poison into the foods. Spraying the air with chemicals. Getting into the Pentagon with Satanist Wars killing Innocent people. The Human Trafficking, organ harvesting, all for a Buck. The taking of Tax Dollars for unscrupulous undertakings. It is a Pathetic list of heinous Crimes and AMERICA is DONE With the jews! There will be a day of Judgement and with each passing day, the death tolls of those killed by the Fake Vaccine mounts and so do the Crimes. NCSWIC

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