FEAR will not guide Americans as they step forward into the future. The Jew Banking days are OVER! Americans will NO LONGER SUBMIT to being Robbed and Lied to. The Jews might as well LEAVE AMERICA because they do not have THE RIGHT STUFF to prosper without Deceit. WE KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE! IF RUSSIA AND CHINA ARE IN BED WITH THE JEWS THAN THEY HAVE THROWN THEIR PEOPLE UNDER THE BUS! Americans say NO THANK YOU to any Fucking Money system other than their own!!!!!!!! You People think you can live without America’s Innovation than Good Luck, you will need it. Don’t come here anymore Spying. America has been TOO NICE but we learned what a mistake that was. White Americans have given the World Everything they have. They have done it in a small amount of time where Countries who are MUCH OLDER had to steal from them. You will rue the Day you treated White Americans badly. When China can no longer make crappy shit, Americans will find a WAY to make what they need. You can be sure of that. Something Drives the Whites that is missing in other races. Those who committed Crimes Against Humanity will be Hung by the White People, as ALWAYS they are the ones to do Anything!!!!!!!!!! From All White Americans I say FUCK YOU!!!!!! We are COMING FOR YOU!

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