The fake government in DC says that The People cannot see all the Covid Origin information because of National Security! Well this was a WORLD WIDE Fake Pandemic so there is no National Security involved. Under the International Laws ANY AND ALL INFORMATION having to do with a Global Fake Emergency is OPEN for all to see!!!!!!!!!! Unless here is NO INFORMATION to be uncovered it is only sensible that the Congress would happily hand over the info. Does this make sense to anyone? Are they hiding the Fake Covid info like the fake Russian Dossier. Nobody is to know this was built on castles in the sky. ISN’T this SAD and SICK that we have such mentally ill people in DC!!!!!!! GET the fuck out, all of you!!!!!! You worthless pieces of SHIT!!!!!!!!! Your Murdering people and Children for a Virus that doesn’t Fucking Exist. This is what you do not want us to know! Well WE KNOW!!!!!!!!!!! Your cold blooded KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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