OKAY, Here is the problem, listening? Because these Psychopath Pedophiles in DC Run for office and hold ELECTIONS they give out the IMPRESSION that WE THE PEOPLE ELECT THEM TO DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR US AND THEM! Rather than BEING ELECTED they should be APPOINTED and HIRED to donate their Time for a small compensation to carry out the Directions from the People on what needs to be done about things concerning the Country, like means of transportation for Goods and cracking down on Usury Banking Practices, overseeing that the Constitution is Upheld in all dealings, you know, IMPORTANT ISSUES! They are living as if we are A Democracy with ELECTED Oligarchs who take money from ” LOBBYISTS” and are Drunk on Power. We SHOULD be acting as a REPUBLIC where THE PEOPLE take action when their APPOINTEES go Rogue. In a Republic, there are no INSIDE investigators to ” DECIDE” the Criminals need to be punished, THE PEOPLE enact the Justice, there is no Decision made only the Facts presented. There are NO Lawyers as Appointees. The Elections we are empowering are Illegal in a Republic. These Elections are set up to give the Power to the ” ELECTORS.” Like Kings, they are sworn in with ceremony. This is a FAR CRY from a Republic! They have done this Democracy Chant on Purpose so that THE PEOPLE never know that THEY HOLD ALL THE POWER! TAKE YOUR POWER BACK AMERICANS!!! The Forefathers gave you a REPUBLIC, NOW you must grab hold of it, Fighting if you must!!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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