We need two people from each State. They can pass a background check. They must be smart, and abreast of all the issues facing the Government. Willing to work ALOT. We might even know each other through the internet, by the work we have been doing. WE really need those that rise to the top. We could have a new set of FOUNDING FATHERS, only this time with a woman, ME, LOL and others I am sure. WE could use Elon Musk if he pledges his allegiance only to America. No dual passports. Their will be no parties so Lobbying is OUT the door. No Committees! We need people who are quick learners and Love America. If everyone does a bang up job they will either get elected or help someone to get elected. Start your list. Who can go to DC? WE form this new Government BEFORE we go to Washington. We do this peacefully under an emergency situation.

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