We need new eyes.The World System is damaged BUT not beyond repair. We need leaders who can FIX things. We need people who are capable. The Old Boy Network isn’t cutting it anymore. We need Good Thinkers. Not so so people who can vote along party lines, hell we don’t want parties anymore. They are NOT WORKING, OBVIOUSLY! I am sorry but DC needs to clear out. It is the only way. We need to salvage our country and those who screwed it up will NOT BE the ones to untangle, rewire and get it up and working. Many States will have to say goodbye to State Officers. The People gave you every chance in the book and you continued to mismanage MONEY, take away more rights and pile regulation upon regulation. The Entire System needs emergency Triage and only THE PEOPLE have what it takes to get it up and running. We MUST say Goodbye DC. Your time is up. We will come with boxes of books, we will comb through the congressional library and we will sift through the messes you have made. Your incompetence and greed could have taken America down BUT that will not happen. Sheriffs, Marshals and the Military will help you out as WE THE PEOPLE GO IN TO SAVE AMERICA! The MSM will be let go from the Government so new blood will be there to record it all. THIS IS HOW IT WILL GO DOWN. The Time Is Now News

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