LET’S GO BACK, SHALL WE? A FEW years ago there was talk of resetting the money system. It was inevitable that we needed to do that. It is done every 50 to 60 years after the Psychopaths have run it into the ground. So Word on the street was that CHINA would be the new Center not England anymore. Now we have to REMEMBER who runs the Central Banks. Jews do. So when we are so quick to point to China we must remember Who controlled the MONEY. The Jews are in China, pulling strings. All wars are Bankers Wars so as we start the new War Narrative remember the common Denominator in ALL OF OUR WARS. THE JEWS. Who is Financing China? Who USES Groups of People to take down Countries? To take down America? Who used Diversity, Open Borders, BLM? Who funded them, Georgie Soros the Jew. Who would infiltrate Chinese into America. The Jews. It’s the same old playbook. They hide behind Groups and Institutions But we SEE THEM CLEARLY NOW! The Time Is Now News

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