OKAY, SO NOW I will tell you what has gone into this CBDC card. Remember all the DATA BREECHES over the years. Hacking if you will. They, we never knew who, got medical records, phone data, social site data, YOU NAME IT. Well this is what they will use to RATE you with a Bank card TIED to your Cumulative Data! They were the Hackers! The Psychopaths hacked into every system, or maybe did not even have to hack because they had ACCESS TO IT ALL ALONG. SO THEY SET YOU UP! IF YOU GET OFF THE INTERNET THEY WILL HAVE TO GO WITH OLD STUFF SO THEY CANNOT GET AN ACCURATE READ ON YOU. Then you can take them to court for using MISINFORMATION to control your money. It is crucial that every tidbit of data they have is TRUE. If someone DOES hack into it they cannot use their CBDC cards and that will be a shame.

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