IS THIS WHAT WE ARE SUPPOSE TO NOT BE LOOKING AT??? IS THIS THE BIGGEST TRANSFER OF WEALTH EVER TO HAPPEN SPARKED BY THE FAKE COVID??? A PRIVATE GLOBAL INVESTMENT BANK TO TAKE OVER. THEY CATER TO THE AFFLUENT. DOES this sound like Gesara Nesara whatever to you? What happened this last time we ALLOWED the Federal Reserve to Conduct Venture Capitalism with OUR MONEY? HUH??? Are we going to wake up to CBDC while those with Wealth deal with UBS???? A Merger of this size with a Large Affiliation in the US is Not going to turn out well for Americans. Privately owned. This will leave no other banks except for a Ghost Bank ONLINE with Pretend people and Pretend money, telling you that you are, as Obama put it “Too small minded to conduct your own affairs” and so they will control the Pretend Money that you never hold or see. click on for link….

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