IN FLORIDA CORRUPT COPS CANT STOP – 3/18/2023 – PAPER GOYS!!! We have a problem in America when The Jews could come up with a Fake Covid and give out flyers about standing six feet apart, give out masks with chemicals on them to Everyone. Every person running the Covid Scam was JEWISH. They started calling them bioweapons but they are Poison. They thought if they called them bioweapons they could blame the Military! It’s a Jew sneaky Tactic! The Military wouldn’t shut down our Churches, BUT THE JEWS WOULD AND DID!!!! The Jews said here drink liquor no church for you!!!!I BET THEY WENT TO THEIR FUCKING SYNAGOGUES The FDA, the CDC, White House team, Jew Congress, Health centers, Hospitals, all Jews! They recruited the Hollywood imbeciles to push the Fake Covid and Fake Vaccine. Jews run Hollywood! They lied about everything. Can those injured and dead ever get their lives back??? Now they want to blame the Pentagon, anyone to protect the fucking Jews who did this!!!!!!!! We see what this is all about blaming the DOD, BULLSHIT! The Jews want them to take the fall but we KNOW the jews mass murdered people worldwide, NOT the Pentagon! They’ve got people out on the circuit trying to change the narrative. IT isn’t WORKING!!!!!!!!! It is exactly what it was, the Jews killing the Goyim!!!!!!!!!!! They run the Banks, the Health industry, Porn, the Media, Drag queens in schools and in bars with KIDS!!! They suck on the little babies penises after they butcher it! 🤢 They rob and steal and planned this whole fake pandemic and now want to blame the Pentagon!!! BULL FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!! They are Blamers. This is what they do. GET THEM OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a right to put out THE TRUTH, REMEMBER THAT???? Make those flyers!!!! Get out the word!!!!!!! click on to see video.

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