Listen to me. AI is People. What does AI stand for. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. It is not REAL INTELLIGENCE on it’s own. It is intelligence from People, it is software. It is PROGRAMMED. They can put a lot of knowledge in a hat and pull it out as an entity but it has limits. Things that have not been cannot be programmed. I don’t believe the people who are behind this are very smart. You cannot program the thing that the program comes from. You can guess, take a stab at things that have not happened so they cannot be KNOWN, BUT You cannot know the Unknown. You can never be ahead of it. Also it is, needless to say, those who say humans will be hackable basically mean brainwashed through media and education. There is no such thing as reading thoughts only algorithms can Maybe predict some things. Also, CBDC is Digital currency. Anything digitized can be hacked, coded, reprogrammed, deleted. CBDC could be traded, names changed, amounts played with. They cannot dole out money to adult, thinking People. They cannot do ANYTHING without your permission. It is the Natural Law. So don’t let Fear guide you. It’s all good. :). The Time Is Now News

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