I believe that White people need to SUE BLM for Mental Anguish, Abuse and Discrimination. All the Corporations that gave them 82 Billion Dollars must Compensate White people for their loss of use of public Properties that they fund with tax dollars. Furthermore the Statues that were destroyed represent America’s History. That was like tearing down a Museum. The White People in America will bring lawsuits that are backed up by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we look at the precedents of Court Cases involving Theft of Services and Personal Loss( businesses and public dwelling places) along with the BIGOTRY displayed by Black Lives Matter, they will be FORCED to settle with the White People in America. White People will no longer be infringed upon. It is a Federal Violation to attack a Race of People both Physically and Emotionally. Every Penny of that ill begotten money belongs to WHITE PEOPLE!!!! Look out Courts, here we come!!!!!!!!!!! The Time Is Now News

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